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About Us

Berkshire Eagles

Berkshire Elementary School, located in Southwest Bakersfield, is one of 20 elementary schools in the Panama-Buena Vista Union School District. Berkshire Elementary School opened its doors for the first year of operation in August 2002. Berkshire is a designated Title I school and serves a diverse community of learners. We currently serve almost 1,000 students in transitional kindergarten through grade six from a variety of socio-economic and ethnic backgrounds including 67.2% Hispanic, 11% White, 12% Asian, and 7% African American. Nearly 85% of our students receive free and reduced meals, and 20% of our students are English Language Learners (ELL). Rigorous classroom instruction combined with our intervention teacher, two Intensive Intervention Centers, and four Special Day Classes meet the individual needs of our students.


Our unique school community drives Berkshire’s success. Our students are motivated. Our staff is dedicated. Our parents are committed. Berkshire Eagles proudly demonstrate a spirit of teamwork, which contributes to the positive energy on campus. Our philosophy at Berkshire is that regardless of the classroom assignment, each student’s success is the responsibility of everyone on campus. Students, staff, families, and community partners collaborate in celebrating our diversity as we strive for academic excellence. High expectations are the key to achieving the school's goals and maintaining a positive school climate. Berkshire offers an all-inclusive program including an academically challenging curriculum and enhanced technology. Consistent, deliberate emphasis on a comprehensive  Multi-Tiered System of Support (MTSS) has led to increased success. 


Our students value and participate in service-learning. The student council models community service and citizenship at our monthly assemblies, our tribute to veterans assembly, and helping our student body raise funds to purchase needed school supplies and incentives. Staff members wear many hats and go beyond the school day writing grants, raising funds for materials, organizing family events, and providing field trips to enhance our students' education.

Our Purpose: Every member of our school community is treated with respect, dignity, shown grace, and is provided an equitable learning environment in which they can realize their full potential.


Our Mission: Berkshire seeks to meet the academic, social, and cultural needs of students by: 

  • Ensuring a safe and nurturing learning environment 
  • Providing rich and engaging learning experiences
  • Analyzing data to plan targeted instruction to meet individual student needs 
  • Planning meaningful community events 
  • Working collaboratively to ensure that we are the school of choice


Core Values: Integrity, Continuous Improvement, Teamwork, Perseverance, Fun